A trusted Language Services Provider (LSP) is invaluable, but what if you need a one-stop solution for your localization project or content creation needs? Cosmic Sounds can help. When you turn to Cosmic Sounds for your audio or video translation, you do not need to worry about anything. We are here for all your needs.

Have us handle the entire project! We will provide you with the audio translation for your audiovisual project. After you have approved the translation, we will also handle your multimedia localization needs.

On the go we will translate your content as we are multilingual. we will get it done in the language you need. You will get the best professional voice recording quality, and you will be able to communicate your content to your global audience.

An authentic, native, voice over is a great way for video publishers to resonate with their target demographic.


In addition to the translation of the spoken in your language choice we provide you the quality of the melody, tone and voice with our voice over service. Almost people prefer to buy service in their local language which can boost the content of their video.

Here are few benefits that we count of video translations with voice over:

  • Connect your message with the audience targeted.
  • Showcase a brand name with a melodious tone.
  • Increase accessibility
  • Go for preferences as per the culture

Tell us about your multimedia project or making any content or if you need a filmmaker of language as per your requirement. We are here for all. If even you don’t know your beginning point just let us decide the same as we have a deep understanding of the same concept. Share your thoughts with us and we will convert it according to you. No matter it can be any audio or video transcription project. Contact us, we will offer the best solution for your project. We assure you the same!