Transcription is converting an audio or video in a written version. Cosmic Studios provides you multilingual services as our transcribes listen to audio or video recording and convert it word to word in a written language. We give you services as per your requirements no matter how complicated your project might be, we have an efficiency to give you best results with talented and efficient transcribers. We do transcription in different languages of your choice as per your specifications.

Our transcribers are experienced professionals with excellent typing skills, who are selected for their linguistic skills as well as their expertise in specific subject areas, including areas such as law, medicine and technology. We provide audio and video multilingual services for interviews, meetings, scripts, lectures, seminars, press briefings, conferences, etc.

We assure you the quality work and guarantee the professionalism in it with the timely delivery of work. Our team can either work on the audio given by you or even can attend your meeting or conference and make a transcription in different language as per your need or which suits you.


We provide services in different sectors such as transcription on interviews and news footage, churches and sermons, audio service, typing service, data entry, meetings, video and audio text, phone call transcription, podcasts, advertising, corporate and financial services, services for public and motivational speakers, transcriptions in the field of publishers, conference calls, digital dictation, documentaries, radio, insurance and educational transcriptions, seminars, conferences and trade shows whether is single speaker or multi speaker, for reality shows, speeches and lecturers, webcasts and webinars and many more….

We offer a wide range of service in this field. Any transcription and requirement we are here to help and cater you the best as per your needs. Customization and transparency is our key to give you the best results.

Just let us know about your requirement and we will sort everything for you!