The subtitling services that we provide are used in films, educational industry, marketing strategies and campaigns, online media, training purpose, commercial videos, corporate videos and documentaries and much more. You just need send us the transcript or if you don’t have the same, send us the video and we will work on the rest things. We can even embed the subtitles for you or even you can do the same to maintain transparency so that high quality final result can be given to you with your specific requirements.

This is a very effective way to expand into and communicate with non-English speaking markets and is a great option instead of voice overs. Subtitles can also be handy in noisy areas, such as fitness centers, where the audio cannot be heard.

At Cosmic Studios we are very careful and precise in our approach to work with the material that you provide as in original one and to capture it with complete originality. We make sure that the message that you want to convey is rendered aptly by working with the specialists who provide subtitling with the essence of originality in dialogues or story so that it is delicately matched to the visuals. It is not less than an art and perfection is needed in it.


Translation subtitling does not only require subtitling, in fact it is lot more than what we think! It is not only word to word translation of the script or a documentary but more than placing it as subtitles on screen. The one who works on translation needs to understand the complete content they are working on and maintain its originality while they convey in another language as well.